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19 Aug 2016 How Nord-Lock Washers Work. Never mind lock nuts: These vibration-resistant washers keep things fastened tight. By Rain Noe - August 19,  9 Dec 2016 Nord-Lock washers were developed by a Swedish company but now are widely available through fastener stores, Amazon and eBay. Nord-Lock  5/16" Screw, 0.534" OD Steel Wedge Lock WasherZinc Flake Finish, 0.336 to 0.344" ID, 0.526" Min OD. MSC# 74876384 Nord-Lock (1231).

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Industries where Nord-Lock washers are used Nord-Lock washers are used in industries such as: energy, transportation, offshore, mining and quarrying Nord-Lock steel washer promises the highest corrosion resistance on the market. The washers have been tested with at least 1,000 hours in the Neutral Salt Spray Test*, ensuring optimum performance over time, even in the most extreme environments. Nord-Lock: 6: Washer size, e.g. 6 fits with M6 bolt: sp: Indicates washers with enlarged outer diameter: ss-254: Indicates washers with special materials e.g.

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These are more usually used on industrial, oil field sectors and some other critical applications. Nord-Lock washers are an effective lock washer which uses tension to prevent bolts from loosening when exposed to vibration. Unlike other lock washers which rely on friction and spring action to prevent loosening, the innovative design of Nord-Lock washers means … The use of Nord-Lock washer pairs is beneficial wherever there is a risk of a threaded connection working loose.

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Using a Nord-Lock with a flat washer will defeat the locking action. I could have used two Nord-Locks' on each side to be really sure, but you should know that once torqued down it becomes very difficult to loosen the bolt.

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Fri frakt vid köp  Nord-Lock SP washers have the same wedge-locking design as original washers, but with an enlarged outer diameter.
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These are more usually used on industrial, oil field sectors and some other critical applications. Nord-Lock Washers are a highly effective Anti-Vibration Locking Washer solution, created by Nord-Lock Group. Accu also supplies various types of Locking Nuts for other anti-vibration solutions..

Washers are reusable.. 316 stainless steel washers have excellent resistance to chemicals and salt water. 17 rows Nord lock is a certified fastening system utilizing the wedge-effect that makes the mating bolt self locking. It prevents the loosening of the bolt due to vibration or dynamic loads.
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Testresults – Salt spray test by Nord-Lock AB. - Austrotech ::